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1961 Yuri Gagarin First Man Astronaut in Space 12th April Pin Badge

1961 Yuri Gagarin First Man Astronaut in Space 12th April Pin Badge

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  • This is a very pretty, space themed pin badge celebrating the successful launch of Vostok 1. A silver coloured metal badge, the badge face is 1.5cm wide and has a safety clasp style fastener to the rear. Featuring the text ' DAY OF COSMANAUTICS ' (SPACE) and the date of the launch 12th April.
  • Over 60 years ago, a 27 year old Russian Mig pilot was preparing to become the first human in space. Yuri Gagarin was selected from the shortlist of 20 cosmonauts due to many factors. He passed the rigorous physical and mental tests, his family came from a working class background which was important as his name would inspire a whole nation. He was only 5' 2 inches which was a favourable size for the cramped conditions in the re-entry capsule and he had a genial, outgoing personality.

    The vostok rocket itself was a modified nuclear missile rocket. The rocket carried the vostok module in the nose section.

    Because the effects of space travel on the human mind were unknown at this time Gagarin had no control over the rocket, it was remotely piloted from the launch site. Only in an emergency could Gagarin override the controls.

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